Friday, December 27, 2013

One foggy Christmas day...

Hi guys,

I'm a bit short of words today...I'm still recovering from the over-indulgence of Christmas :). Our parents seem to think we don't eat throughout the entire year, so on Christmas day they do their best to compensate...All in all, yesterday was an amazing day: family, delicious food, friends, gifts, all the ingredients to make Christmas special.

Now I'm back to Bucharest, packing for my winter holiday. And the destination is Bansko, for the 3rd year in a row. Welcoming the new year in Bulgaria has become a tradition I'm very fond of.

As far as the weather is concerned, we seem to experience an unusually foggy winter...Driving home for Christmas proved to be quite an adventure. It was creepy! I was longing for snow on Christmas day, but unfortunately it didn't happen...But I sure hope I'll find snow in Bulgaria. I'm pretty excited to learn some new snowboarding tricks. Fingers crossed!

I wish you the most wonderful new year and may all your wishes come true!



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Shirt: Koton
Skirt: Koton
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Coar: Zara
Hat: Accesorize
Boots: Bata

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life as Usual

Hi guys,

I came back from Iasi on Friday, just in time for all the holiday madness. Because I was away from home for almost a whole month, I didn't yet get the chance to buy Christmas presents for my loved ones or to look for a New Year's Eve outfit. And these days, going to the mall is suicidal :). Sure, I could have done this while I was in Iasi, hadn't it been for my baggage weight limit...So, during the next following days, I will take care of all the Christmas shopping, or literary die trying :).

I will let you know how that went. Until then, though, let me tell you a bit about my stay in Iasi. Iasi is the academic and cultural center of the Moldavian region. I must say I was impressed with the city: beautiful churches and monasteries, old, imposing buildings, museums and memorial houses and amazing parks. While trying hard to preserve its heritage (major restoration projects everywhere: at the Palace of Culture, the Great Synagogue, etc), Iasi surprised me with an interesting ensemble of new buildings and parks right in the city center. The Palas Project contains everything from restaurants, parks, office buildings to a huge mall and an outdoor skating  rink. The area around the mall looked very festive during this time of the year, with a lot of Christmas decorations, a sound and light show projected on the Palace of Culture, and music everywhere.

One of my favorite places to visit was Creanga's hut, where the photos were taken. The guide had this really amazing way of transporting us back to the time Creanga lived there, during the last years of his life. She was using the same language I was familiar with from his beautiful stories.. Plus, I met this cute little dog, who pretty much made his way into all of my photos. But I didn't mind it at all! I mean, look at its face...:)!

Now I'm off to the mall...Wish me luck!



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Ion Creanga's hut of Ticau, Iasi
Beautiful painting by Balasa in the Hall of the Lost Steps, Al. I. Cuza University in Iasi
Al. C. Cuza University, Iasi
Lacery in stone: Three Hierarchs Monastery

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday excitement

Counting down the days until Christmas? Join the club :)! There are only 12 days left! Sometimes I ask myself why do I still get incredibly excited about Christmas? Then I remember: it's because it allows me to revert to being a kid! Every year I spend Christmas with my family, back in my hometown. And with every year, comes the same story: I literately eat the Christmas spirit (which in my family translates into a 5 meals-a-day menu filled with pork steak, corn bread, apple pie), every Christmas song I hear makes me cry (?!?), I make lists and pray that my parents/bf will respond to my ridiculous demands, I watch my favorite movie (which I've seen at least a 100 times), and it's OK, because it is my Christmas "tradition".  Are these reasons enough to love Christmas? I believe they are :D!

On a different note, next week will be the last one spent in Iasi. This past weekend I went home to see my boyfriend, and tomorrow he will be returning the visit :). I really hope that I will be able to visit Iasi on this occasion, because all I did since I got here was to go to work, to the gym and to the mall (hey, I had to do something to calm my home sickness, and what better way than shopping?)



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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Home sick

I was telling you a few weeks ago about my new job, about my fears, my challenges. Transitioning to a new job is not easy: getting used to a new company culture, building new relationships, trying hard to adjust to the new working environment...And as if all this wasn't enough, I also had to relocate for a month... So here I am, transitioning to a new life, in Iasi, until December 20...

I'm staying at a hotel and I'm sharing a room with my co-worker and friend (Thank God I'm not alone in this, because I would have gone crazy by now). It is my first time visiting Iasi, and even though it seems like a pretty amazing place, I miss Bucharest like crazy. I miss my small, cozy apartment, my comfy couch, my crazy, weird friends, my boyfriend! I know... I'm such a baby...I mean after all, it's only for a month, but I hate having to leave home...especially in December. Every year, I get super excited and star decorating my Christmas tree at the beginning of December, right before Saint Nic. I make lists and buy gifts (most of them for myself :P), I plan my annual winter holiday, I get ready for New Year's Eve...It might seem like I could do most of those things here, in Iasi, especially given the fact that the company's headquarters are practically inside Palas Mall...but it's just not the same!

I am sooo home sick that I've just bought train tickets to go home for the weekend...(almost 8 hours of pure plasure, for those of you who know "how fun" traveling by train in Romania is).

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!



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