Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Before sunset

Hi guys,

September is just around the corner and judging by the weather outside and the shorter days, it seems that summer is ready to pack its bags. It's time for the autumn bliss,my friends. Amazing colors everywhere, lots of layering (autumn is one of the few times in the year when layers are actually required), only good stuff :).

 I find it so sad that in a not so distant future we might not even experience autumn and its many wonders (Thank you, Global Warming...!).

So let's enjoy autumn while we still can. All you cardigans and scarves out there in my closet, get ready! You will soon be seeing  the light of day! :)

Have a wonderful week!



Skirt: Lashez
T-shirt: Lashez
Pumps: Mango

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot summer days

Hi guys,

Summer is really hot here in Romania. I cannot believe I'm actually saying this, but I'm glad that I have to go to work really early in the morning, because otherwise I would melt to death :)). If I was somewhere on a beach, a cold bear in my hand and the breeze through my hair, this kind of weather would be perfect. But right now I'm not having any fun sweating like a pig, always feeling dirty, sticky and gross...

Anyways, moving on to today's post, it is a perfect display of my love for dresses. I adore this dress because it's so comfortable and has such a lovely, subtle print. And that touch of green makes for a beautiful contrast. For me, this is a perfect example of a light, airy summer dress.



Dress: Mario by Marius Musat
Shoes: Massimo Dutti
Clutch: Esprit
Bracelet: Meli Melo

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let me take you far away...

Hi guys,

I can't believe it's already mid August...This summer went by way too fast!!! It happens every other summer, time is flying, but I still can't get used to the idea. I remember when I was a kid, and summer holidays seemed like forever...Those were the days! Now, I'm counting the days of the week, waiting for the weekends (or the paycheck)...and summer is over in a heartbeat...

I'm this nostalgic for a reason! A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend found out he won't be able to take a week off from work in September, which meant our plans to go to Greece with our friends were ruined! Needless to say I was on the verge of depression...Now, with no plans to hold on to, I could easily say my summer is over :(.

And as if this wasn't hard enough, I've been having some really tough and stressful weeks at work, which makes the need for an escape even stronger.

I've been thinking of  paying a short visit to my old friend, the Black Sea, next weekend. Maybe this is going to ease my pain... But c'mon, who am I fooling?!? The Black Sea is no Greece!

Having said that, I'll now leave you with more pictures from the Loire Valley, taken the day we visited Villandry. Villandry was one of my favorite castles, with its beautiful gardens of love. The gardens are divided into 4 sections: tender love, passionate love, fickle love and tragic love. It's truly magical.

That day we also visited Chateau D'Usse (last 2 photos), thought to have been the inspiration behind Charles Perrault's fairytale, The Sleeping Beauty.



Top: Koton
Skirt: Koton
Sandals: via MiniPrix
Hat&Necklace: Accesorize

Chateau de Villandry

Chateau D'Usse

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Queen of my castle...

Chateau de Cheverny

Loire, how I miss you!

I couldn't get through another day at work without re-living some of my precious holiday moments. The magical stay in the Loire Valley, visiting the castles, was by far my favorite part of the holiday. Loire Valley has something surprising in store at every turn, every castle has its own unique identity, welcoming their visitors with astonishing gardens and breathtaking views.

For today, I'm leaving you with Cheverny, Chambord  and Blois, three amazing treasures of art and history.

I hope you guys will enjoy today's post as much as I do!



Chateau de Cheverny

Dress & Belt: Mango