Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Let me live that fantasy...

Hi guys,

Boy, have I been busy lately... Work has been a nightmare, I struggle with insomnia and  I'm completely exhausted! I've been having problems sleeping ever since last summer- back then I blamed it all on the stress caused by planning my wedding. This year though... I don't quite succeed to identify the cause... It might be the heat, work or my perception of time, but days seem way to short for my endless to-do lists... Thankfully, this Saturday I'm leaving for Lefkada  where I plan to leave everything behind, totally relax and re-charge my batteries (fingers crossed!).

Even though I'm super tired and can barely keep my eyes open, I just had to share with you guys some photos that I took this past weekend, while I was in Sinaia for two of my friends' wedding. I first saw this skirt on Daniela, she wore it at an event and I was blown away by its beauty! Daniela is amazing, I really look up to her, I admire her work and I'm thankful for being such a huge inspiration to me!

Both skirt and top are Laura Galic, a designer from Iasi. I was in Iasi at the beginning of the month on a short business trip and I visited her store in Palas Mall. I was hoping to find the skirt and was beyond happy when I saw it. I immediately tried it on and it was love at first sight! It was the perfect outfit to wear for my friends' wedding and I can't wait for the next occasion to wear it again! I felt somewhat royal in it :), and I received loads of compliments on FB and Instagram when I first posted a photo of my outfit! You may notice I'm wearing my bridal shoes :). After all, I was attending a wedding... so it seemed like an obvious choice :)). But as much as I love them, I had to ditch them at one point in favor of my comfy red Converse.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos! Please excuse my hair and makeup... I took the photos the morning after the wedding, after an entire night of dancing like a crazy person! Hopefully, you'll get passed my tired face and concentrate on the outfit :).

Many, many hugs!


Skirt & Blouse:Laura Galic
Shoes: Sepala/ Converse
Necklace& Earrings: Accesorize

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

After all, tomorrow is another day... {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys,

I can't believe I actually succeeded to post this evening. Life has been so hectic as of late! Between weddings, family reunions, photography gigs and a couple of seaside escapes, we haven't had a weekend just for ourselves, to get some rest, in such a long time. I know, I should't complain... I mean, who complains about parties and road-trips?!? But as fun as it might sound, all this is pretty tiring! And  as if all of the above wasn't enough, work had to interfere and screw things over even more. It literally took even the tiniest drop of energy from my body!

Anyway, let's forget about all that stuff and talk about today's post.  I'm going to show you some snaps (masterpieces, ahem! :P) from the most awesome, bad-ass place I've ever been to: Caminito del Rey! Soon, I'll be over with my travel diary and this saddens me a bit. Going through photos from my holiday was a very nice distraction from my super busy life. But on a different note, guess who's leaving for Lefkada in 2 weeks time? Me! I can't wait to slow down for a bit and relax!

Caminito del Rey... Need I say more? Just look at the pictures below! This wasn't part of our itinerary at first, but one month prior to the beginning of our trip we found out that Caminito Del Rey was re-opening after major restoration works. We tried to book tickets but they told us that they were fully booked for that period... It was super disappointing... Then, my friend went on Trip Advisor and read that someone suggested we should still try to go there, because there were people that weren't showing up to claim their reservation. And we did that, and we were lucky enough to get tickets! And it was the most amazing experience ever! I'm telling you, the pictures doesn't do it justice! In reality it's much more breathtaking!

I'll leave you with the images! Many, many hugs!


Shorts: H&M
Top & kimono: Mango

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

You had me at: Vacation! {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys,

It might seem like I've gone a little bit overboard with my holiday posts, but I hope you'll bare with me for a couple more :P. It's just that I've been to such amazing places and I couldn't wait to share the experience with you guys! As a travel enthusiast, I find great pleasure in reading travel related posts and seeing holiday pictures :). I truly hope you'll enjoy my little travel diary!

Today, I present to you: Benalmadena. Benalmadena is one of the most important towns on the Costa del Sol. It was also the first place we visited in Southern Spain and we stayed there for 6 days (each day we would go to different places nearby, but that was where our accommodation was). During our first day, we wondered the narrow streets, visited the marina, the Paloma park, and took the cable car to get to the top of Calamorro mountain where we enjoyed some fantastic views of both the town and the endless sea.

It was a pretty amazing first day of our much anticipated holiday!

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Lots of love,

Skirt: Zara
Top: Mango