Monday, October 31, 2016

Love me, feed me, never leave me

Hi guys,

First things first!

I don't usually make a fuss about Halloween, but this year I decided to go to one of those themed parties organized for people in my line of work and I had to get as close as I could to wearing a costume (as weird as it sounds from the description above, my "line of work" is actually banking. I felt the need to clarify, at a second read :) :P). So this explaines those cat ears :)). Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Halloween! If anything, I'm all for any reason of celebration, it doesn't matter if it's a national, or a borrowed holiday... I could't care less... As long as people are enjoying it, are having fun and forget about the daily chaos that's life... I say Yes to any type of celebration. It's just that I'm not much of a costume kind of person, and to be completely honest, I've always been afraid of taking this too far :)))). I'm super safe on my day to day life as far as clothes are concerned, and I think I might be in danger of wearing a super "extra" costume, just to break all the rules in my head. So that's why I usually avoid dressing up for Halloween.

The party was on Friday night, and I fell in love with the cute accesory, so I thought I would incorporate it in an outfit. Went out, shot the pictures below. On Saturday evening, my laptop went to sleep during a power outage and never woke up :|. Bummer! We took it to the "doctor's" today and we pray it makes a recovery and doesn't get us broke in the process :P. I was planning on posting these pictures on Sunday, but I couldn't because of all of the above... Today it feels a bit late for "cat ears" wearing... but the heck with everything. I didn't almost risk my life on Saturday, after a wild night out, dizzy and hungover, trying to maintain balance above water, wearing freakin' cat ears,  to let these pics die on my memory card.

So I switched to my tablet, did my best to perform a decent editing on the photos and wrote this post. The end. :)

Hope you'll enjoy the photos!

Happy day everyday and an easy and smooth week ahead!


Skirt&Sweater: H&M
Cat ears: Meli Melo
Shoes: Humanic

Monday, October 24, 2016

Glitter in the air

Hi guys,

What season can be more appropriate to feed my need of sparkle other than good ol' gloomy fall? I mean... I'll take anything that could put a smile on my face and brighten my day :).

 As far as my personal style goes, I can say I'm pretty conservative, I don't often step out of my comfort zone... And this is an aspect that I want to change, but at the same time I don't... I'm probably making absolutely no sense... What I'm trying to say is that I would like to be more creative with my style, try new things, new trends, but I'm not willing to go past certain limits, no matter how "cool" or "trendy" a certain item is.

This skirt, which I absolutely adore, I would literally wear it to sleep... is the perfect example of how I choose to expand my personal style. It's super glittery, but it is mid length, it has a classic shape and the colors are right up my alley!

I'm so happy that the backdrop is finally stating to look like a perfect fall painting! I adore the colors and I'm thrilled to go out and take photos because everything looks much more beautiful than usual. I still can't quite grasp the fact that October is coming to an end, I would like to enjoy this amazing season for a while more... I'm already seeing Christmas decorations in stores and this blows my mind... This year went by soooo fast, I'm in shock!

Anyways, enough said! Take a look at the pictures below and tell me how do you choose to wear your sparkle? I'm always looking for inspiration!

Many hugs!


Sweater & Skirt: H&M
Boots & chocker: Mango

Monday, October 17, 2016

Courage, dear heart

Hi guys,

Wow, this Fall sure has some serious mood changes now doesn't it? After a warm and sunny Saturday, I woke up to a foggy, crisp, cold and rainy Sunday, followed by an even more interesting Monday. I almost freezed to death on my way to work this morning. I was even a few minutes late, because I just couldn't brace myself for the cold. And the fact that my husband gets a couple more hours of sleep everyday thanks to his working schedule isn't getting me motivated to leave the house... I just wanna stay in bed and cuddle... Oh, wouldn't that be sweet? What a pretty little dream that would be... And what a frickin' nightmare it actually is! It goes like this: I wake up around 6:45 AM, get ready, grab an avocado or some type of fruit to eat at the office and run out the door hoping to catch the first tram that gets to my station... But of course, this rarely happens... Usually, I only manage to squeeze in the forth or fifth tram. I swear to God, those motherfuckers are so packed, I feel that I'm reaching another level of intimacy with random people I don't know :). You  must think: Oh, what a fun trip that is! :) It's even more fun when people fight, swear, listen to questionable music, or, wait for it, eat sunflower seeds and spit on your shoes. One must love public transportation!

On the other hand, if I were to be taking my car to work every day, I would probably die in a matter of days, or have a nervous breakdown... I'm a good driver, but for those of you living in Bucharest, you know that that this can be quite a disadvantage :P.

But enough about that... Let's move to today's outfit that I'm gonna show you.

Usually, during Fall I'm mostly wearing earth tones, neutrals: a lot of browns, black, beige, maybe throw in some burnt orange at most... But I just couldn't help but falling in love with this amazing sweater! This season I've been really into turtlenecks, so the high neck on this sweater is just my cup of tea. And I love how it complimented my new favorite skirt. This skirt is sooo pretty, those flower details are embroidered, the shape makes it perfect for the office, but that amazing pattern makes it fun and different.

I hope you guys will enjoy today's post. Have a wonderful week ahead! Many hugs!



Skirt: H&M
Sweater: Mango
Shoes: Zara

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nothing's gonna knock this girl down

Hi guys!

I was out of town for 3 days on a business trip and I came home to a freakin cold, winterish weather. I'm not complaining, because I actually enjoy cold weather (I'm weird like that), it's just that it was quite unexpected to be this cold :). I often ask myself why I'm so in love with Fall...

Quick change of subject...This might be brand new information (I might have mentioned it a few times, without going in depth), but I suffer from generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Like... really bad, to the point where it actually interferes with my normal life! Can I hear a: "Awwwwwww, poor fellow!!!"? Don't jugde me, I know the problem is pretty damn serious, but when you've had this kind of issues for as long as I've had them, you just begin to see them from another perspective, maybe throw in a joke from time to time. Makes everything easier, I'm telling you! There's no particular reason behind me having these problems, I'm generally a happy person, I've always been surrounded by a loving family, super cool friends, never had major deceptions, never failed badly at anything... I don't exactly know what triggered my anxiety, but I'll be damned if I don't find out and smash the crap out of it :)!

Anyways, mental issues are a big "No-No", a quite controversial subject, especially in Romania. But my give-a damn is broken, so I said to myself: the hell with it, I'm gonna share my story, bits and pieces, here and there... Hope you won't mind, I'm not trying to change the focus of the blog, or anything, I'm just trying to be more open and honest, cause I find it helpful. So this is a pretty selfish move on my part :).

Now back to Fall: Why do I love it so much? My anxiety spikes during Fall time, gloomy weather makes me dizzy and melancholic, shorter days make me cranky and unproductive... So why is it that I say it's my favorite season?

I'll tell you why:
1. Fashion: I loooove dressing up for Fall! I love layers! I love sweaters, boots, hats, scarves! And I love being able to wear them without looking like an onion! (yes, Winter, this is a reference to you!)
2. Even though my problems are bigger and more present, this only forces me to push my limits, to go beyond my anxious mind, to slow down my overthinking brain! And when I succeed to do any of those things, I'm proud of myself! And it feels Hella Good!

This being said and hoping that I didn't freak you out :), I'll leave you with some photos that we took this past weekend.

Many hugs!


Sweater, shoes: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Bumbag: Andra Oprea