Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let the picture paint itself...

Hi guys,

After 4 wonderful days in Paris, we paid a one day visit to Versailles before hitting the road to Loire Valley. I'm not done with my Parisian adventure just yet, but I was just so excited about Versailles I could't wait to show you photos from that day.

Versailles is truly spectacular, with its amazing display of architectural and landscapes design. There's not much I can say to describe the beauty of this place. The best thing would be to let the pictures tell the story!

Have an amazing week!


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paris, the city of love and lights.

Oh, where do I begin??/

On Sunday, after the wedding, we took the train from Toulouse to Paris. I was so excited about visiting this magnificent city I could barely catch my breath. By the time the train reached Monparnasse, I wasn't feeling tired anymore, the luggage wasn't impossibly heavy, my feet didn't hurt after being trapped in heels for 15 hours straight...I was in the clouds. I could't wait to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Latin Quarter, Isle de France and million other amazing attractions.

We arrived at our rented apartment at around 10 PM, extremely tired but very excited. I wouldn't exactly recommend the area we stayed in (it was near Crimee subway station in the 19th arrondissement). Let's say it wasn't the prettiest and most tourist-friendly of the Parisian neighborhoods, but the apartment we found was quite nice and clean and above all, it was within our budget.

A useful tip for those of you who plan to go to Paris soon and want to visit its many wonders: buy the Museum Pass, people. We bought a 4 days Museum Pass and it proved very useful. It was about 50 euros and could get you inside most of the touristic attractions in Paris and at Versailles. The good thing about it, beside motivating you to visit as many places as possible (so the price would be justified), was that in many of the museums/churches you could actually skip the queues. For example at Louvre, we took the special entrance using the Museum Pass and got in really fast, while hundreds or thousands of people were spending even 2-3 hours waiting to get inside. 

First day in Paris, we went to visit the Eiffel Tower (obviously). The Eiffel Tower isn't included in the MP, so we had to buy a separate ticket, but it wasn't like we would miss on the Parisian symbol... We took the stairs to reach the second level (huge queue at the elevators, btw, I highly recommend taking the stairs) and  afterwards we took an elevator to get to the top of the tower. The tower offers magnificent views of the city, I must say. It's really spectacular.

We got down, we took a bite to eat at a restaurant in the area, and went to visit Luxembourg Gardens. The park was really beautiful, with flowers, decorative statues and fountains. It was so animated and full of good vibe. So many young people having picnics on the fresh grass. We were so thrilled by the idea of a picnic that we actually returned to the gardens 3 days later and had our own picnic.

Writing about France makes me miss it so much. It's really great to re-live those moments through my blog posts, it gives me that awesome feeling of holiday :).

I'll be back really soon with more stories about my time in France.



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Skirt: Koton
Flats: Zara

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dream a little dream...

Bonjour, mes cheries!

I came back from France on Thursday and I'm still adjusting to my old life. Unpacking, doing laundry, crying my eyes out because my holiday is know, the usual "back to reality" check list :)). So I've been pretty busy the last 3 days.

Today I finally took some time to browse through the 5000-something photos from our trip (!!!???). I'll start by sharing some photos from my cousins' fairy-tale wedding at the Chateau des Ducs des Joyeuse in Couiza (south of France). This was actually how my holiday began. It was the most amazing wedding I've ever attended, in a dreamy location. The bride and groom were stunningly beautiful and every detail of the wedding and the reception was pure perfection (the decorations, the church, the flowers, the music, the food).

More about France and the wedding (including the dress I wore to the reception), on a later post. Until then, I wish you all an amazing Sunday.

A bientot,


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