Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Frozen roses

Hi guys,

Looks like cold weather isn't willing to give up just yet. I've never been a big fan of cloudy days...they make me moody, sleepy and cranky. I get upset over nothing and most of the times I end up spending the whole day in my pajamas, listening to slow, cheesy songs :).

But hey, put me in a pretty dress, and I'll loose the depressive attitude in an instant :). Add some yummy Lebanese food to the equation, and you'll have me smiling from ear to ear. I honestly love this food-meets-fashion type of situations.

How do you guys feel about cloudy days?



Dress: Mario by Marius Musat
Shirt: Kotom
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Zara
Clutch: Accesorize

Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy print

Hi guys,

If you are a reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I'm a huge fan of skirts and dresses. I really don't now how many skirts I own, because I stopped counting after a while :). So, it's safe to say that I do not often wear jeans. But when I do, I like them to be special, bold and fun. And nothing says all of that better than printed jeans. I mean, no wonder they have become increasingly popular...

I found this pair of  jeans at, and it was love at first sight. I love their busy pattern, as well as how comfortable they are (not to mention affordable). One thing about printed jeans is that you have to let them stand out and make a statement, and this is what I tried to do, by pairing them with this sweater. The black&white pattern will also work beautifully with a bold color top, now that spring is in the air.

At first I was skeptical about this type of jeans, but it really started to grow on me and I recently set my eyes on yet another pair, also from, with a very cute and subtle floral print. You can check them out on their website.

How do you guys feel about printed jeans?



Jeans: Kurtmann
Clutch: Kurtmann
Sweater: Zara
Shirt: Blanco
Shoes: Zara

Monday, February 17, 2014

Color therapy

Hi guys!

What a beautiful weekend this was! Those days when I have nothing planned in particular turn out to be the best ones, because I can just relax, free my mind of everything I've done or should be doing...And this is exactly how I spent the weekend! It was just me and my boyfriend, we went shopping, did a bit of home cooking, watched some movies...pretty boring stuff, but I loved it.

Do you guys believe in color therapy? I decided to celebrate this early Spring weather that we are currently enjoying with a bold color: orange. I love this color, its vibration is simply amazing! It makes me feel strong and happy, I don't just brightens my mood! Plus, it makes quite a statement against the grey, dull, sunless winter months.

How about you guys? What is the color that makes you happy?

Have a lovely week!


Dress: Mango
Boots: Mango
Scarf: Zara
Headpiece: Accesorize

Monday, February 10, 2014

Dusty pink

Hi guys,

This is definitely not my kind of weather...Watching snow melting is depressing, don't you think? I've always had a love-hate relationship with snow. For me, it's either snow, or no snow...I hate the middle part, all that slushy, dirty, wet stuff that is currently all over town...Makes me wanna lock myself inside my apartment and not get out until March.

On Saturday we went to Predeal, to give one more chance to snowboarding this year, even though we had heard it wasn't that much snow left on the slopes. What we did once we got there was, in fact, mudboarding... I can't wrap my head around the fact that we have much more snow in Bucharest than in the mountains...There's a bit of a weird-winter situation going on this year, and it's annoying the heck out of me.

But hey, guess who decided to look cute on this crappy weather?

Have a lovely week!


Dress, Cardigan, Necklace: Promod
Boots: Nine West