Monday, January 18, 2016

Adventure is worthwhile... {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys,

Oh, where do I begin describing these next places...? At first, when we were laying down the details of our trip, deciding what to visit, this particular day didn't seen so exciting! Next to Cordoba, Seville, Gibraltar... I thought this would be just a quiet, nice day at the beach, nothing out of the ordinary. But we were welcomed by a spectacle of nature! Tarifa- the place where the ocean meets the sea.  Bolonia beach- the roman ruins of Baleo Claudia, facing the ocean and the amazing sand dunes that simply fade into a pine forest. And last but not the least- the historical Cadiz.

This day that didn't seem so special at first, turned into one of the most beautiful experiences of the entire trip.

I hope you'll enjoy the post! This completes my Spain travel diary!

Many, many hugs!



Windy Tarifa

Bolonia Beach

The roman ruins of Baleo Claudia

Catedral Nueva, Cadiz

Monday, January 11, 2016

A day in Gibraltar {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys,

Here I am, as promised, with photos from the day we visited Gibraltar. I was super excited that we had decided to include Gibraltar in our itinerary, because I had seen photos and read other people's stories and it seemed like an amazing experience. Let me tell you: it didn't disappoint us! Standing on the top of the rock was like standing on top of the world... those views were simply astonishing! Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the main attraction were the macaques! They may appear friendly, but, as a personal tip, don't get fooled by their cuteness... they can attack you, pull your hair, steal things from your backpack and what not... :). Aside from these teeny-tiny problems, they were definitely the highlight of the trip.

Hope you'll enjoy the photos!

Have a wonderful week ahead!



P.S. Because I got asked, and it's an useful piece of information: We had read that we needed a passport to enter Gibraltar, but they only asked to see our ID's. There is no other tax or visa necessary.

Pants, top & poncho: Mango
Sandals :Zara

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I read; I travel; I become {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys!

Many of you who read my blog might know by now just how much of a traveling addict I am. I get so much energy and joy from vising new places, or re-discovering old ones! It's one of my greatest passions! And in the year that just passed I had one my best vacations ever. Visiting Southern Spain was a dream come true and it was far more beautiful than I had expected.

Benalmadena, Malaga, Caminito Del Rey, Tarifa, Alhambra, Ronda, Zahara, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, Gibraltar... Such amazing travel destinations!

Whenever I feel down, I enjoy looking through holiday photos, and I've just recently realized that some of the photos we took the day we visited the Great Mosque of Cordoba hadn't made it to the blog. So here I am, doing justice to one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. And to complete my Spain travel diary, I will soon dedicate a post to the magnificent Gibraltar.

I hope you'll like the photos and that I will motivate you to go see it for yourselves (if you hadn't been there yet). Also, I would really love to know which are your favorite destinations, places that you've visited and left a mark on your memory. I really want to start planning my next trips and I would really love some suggestions.

Many hugs!

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Shirt: Mango
Shorts: H&M