Sunday, February 28, 2016

My favorite month

Hi guys!

This was a beautiful weekend, as two of our closest friends said their "I Do"! It's always such a thrill to watch our friends getting married, to share their emotions as they start a new journey and become a family. I've known most of my friends since high school, we have tons of memories together, I love them and I'm proud of each of their accomplishments, both in their personal and professional lives. This year, two pairs of friends asked us to be their Godparents. This moment, when our friends become our family is super special and dear to my heart! I'm excited to be with them in their special days and wish them the very best!

On a different note, it's almost March! Spring, my Mom's birthday, my birthday, family, friends, parties, presents... Oh my Gosh! This is my Month!

Have a wonderful week ahead!



Skirt: H&M
Top: Zara
Coat: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Mango

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Attempted Spring

Hi guys,

Clearly, judging from my absence here on the blog, cold seasons are not my friends anymore :). It's been really cold during the weekends, with very few exceptions, and those are the only days I can shoot outfits. On week days I work 9 to 5  and this makes it impossible to take pictures. I had big plans for this weekend, but unfortunately I seem to have caught a nasty cold, so my plans were ruined... Yesterday I wasn't feeling so bad yet, so I was able to shoot the outfit below. Sorry for the tired face... the cold was starting to kick in.

The outfit is pretty simple, but I really wanted to make the skirt stand out. I adore the print and colors of it, and the fact that I bought it on sale :P. It's super comfortable and I cannot wait to wear it again in the springtime.

Talking about springtime, some very exciting events are coming soon: Alex's birthday, my birthday, friends' weddings- lots of fun stuff that I'm super eager to celebrate.

This being said, have a wonderful week ahead, you guys! Many, many hugs!



Skirt, Blouse & Shirt- Mango
Shoes: H&M

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life is better on the slopes

Hi guys,

This past weekend we decided to get a breath of fresh air so we traveled to Vidra Ski Resort for some good old snowboarding :). We had never been there before and we were beyond thrilled with both the slopes and the breathtaking views. The slopes are wide and much less crowded that those on Prahova Valley, and you cannot beat such a perfect scenery.

The only minus that I can think of has to be the lack of accommodation options in the area. It was really hard for us to find a decent place to spend 2 nights in, given that most of them were fully booked all the way until April. Also, you'd better have cash on you, as there is only one ATM in the area (30+ km away, which we were unlucky enough to find empty), and very few vendors are able to accept card payments (not even the gondola ticket office).

All in all, it was a perfect, relaxing weekend that we were much in need of!

I hope you'll enjoy the photos! I tried my best to capture the beauty of this place.



Vidra Lake

Hanul Haiducilor, Voineasa
Healthy eating :)