Friday, July 27, 2012

Mamalina says Hello!


Here I am, finally...It took me a lot of courage to start my first post ever! I've always enjoyed fashion and/or personal style blogs but lately, it became quite an obsession :P. I'm sure I'm not the only one who never seems to find anything to wear although the closet is packed with clothes...It's been my biggest problem ever since I was little.
The main reason why I started following this type of blogs was to find inspiration and new ideas about how to combine my clothing items into outfits for different purposes: work, school, spare time, shopping, etc.
My friends tell me I'm a bit of a shopaholic...I say: GUILTY :).  Somehow, shopping for clothes or accessories is everything from a pain reliever to a prize... If I feel sick, I buy a pair of jeans and I start feeling better, if my boss praises my work, I buy a dress to celebrate my achievement,  and I guess I don't need to provide other examples...I've got the impression you all know what I'm talking about :)!

And since I'm that "sick", I figured I'd start my own blog, and share my knowledge about personal style and fashion with other "sick" girls/women :)!