Monday, October 7, 2013

Heat me baby one more time!


I was so eager to show you guys some pictures I  took during my little trip, but since I was so busy freezing to death... you'll have to excuse my delay!

What the heck is happening with the weather?!? Last week was a nightmare! It was terribly cold and rained almost every single day... I can handle the cold weather when I go outside, bundled up in 10 layers of clothes... But to freeze to death in my own sweet little home, now that's something I simply cannot accept. And since some smart ass came up with this stupid rule that says after how many days of freezing cold should the distributors turn on the heating system, I'm on the verge of catching a nasty cold in my own home! I mean, is it only me? Do I feel the chill much earlier that others? And NO, I do not want to put on a sweater!!! And NO, I don't want nobody's body heat, thank you very much!

I just wanna hear the sweet gentle sound of hot water traveling trough the pipes into my radiator! God, give me patience!


The Ice Princess

Dress: Mango
Shirt: Promod
Boots: Promod
Tights: Calzedonia

Yeap, I was cold! :D


  1. What stunning photography and location! So cool.

  2. Ghetele tale sunt divine!!! Cât de mult mi-aș dori și eu o pereche...
    Rochia este și ea foarte originală! Printul este perfect!
    Îmi place atât de mult când revin aici pe blog și mă întâmpini cu lucruri frumoase care-mi încântă privirea.


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!