Monday, January 18, 2016

Adventure is worthwhile... {Spain Travel Diary}

Hi guys,

Oh, where do I begin describing these next places...? At first, when we were laying down the details of our trip, deciding what to visit, this particular day didn't seen so exciting! Next to Cordoba, Seville, Gibraltar... I thought this would be just a quiet, nice day at the beach, nothing out of the ordinary. But we were welcomed by a spectacle of nature! Tarifa- the place where the ocean meets the sea.  Bolonia beach- the roman ruins of Baleo Claudia, facing the ocean and the amazing sand dunes that simply fade into a pine forest. And last but not the least- the historical Cadiz.

This day that didn't seem so special at first, turned into one of the most beautiful experiences of the entire trip.

I hope you'll enjoy the post! This completes my Spain travel diary!

Many, many hugs!



Windy Tarifa

Bolonia Beach

The roman ruins of Baleo Claudia

Catedral Nueva, Cadiz


  1. These pictures literally took away my breath.

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