Monday, December 22, 2014

You better watch out...

We might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but as it looks, we won't be having one... But that's alright, there are still plenty of stuff to be excited for, now that Christmas is just around the corner.

This year I was extremely lazy and to this day, I didn't buy all the gifts for my close family and friends. By now, I'm too afraid to hit the mall, because I might not get out of there in one piece :)). People are going crazy these days...

As grown-ups, we could easily become less impressed with this holiday madness... We don't get everything we asked for on our wishlist because our needs are a bit more complicated than a new doll, or the latest video game... The streets and malls become insanely crowded as everybody is searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. So why is it that we still love the holiday season?

As far as I'm concerned, the answer would be that it gets me in that childlike mood, that precious innocence. I have the power to leave the problems behind and focus all my attention on simple things that make me happy: spending time with my family, watching the "traditional" Christmas movies (Love Actually :P), drinking mulled wine or holiday-flavored coffee (that for sure brings me more happiness than a regular one). Every little thing in the world has its own Christmas edition, and I believe that it's true for people also. We get a bit transformed during the holiday season, we are nicer to one another, less selfish, more optimistic, more relaxed... just better versions of ourselves.

Ok so we might not have a white Christmas, and I might not get a new job or world peace as gifts, but my excitement is still reaching high levels as we approach this beautiful day.

Happy holidays, everybody!



Skirt: Zaza Boutique
Sweater: Koton
Boots: Hunter


  1. such amazing photos, dear! just love the skirt and that sweater and the boots, oh my oh my, the whole look is perfect :) kisses :)

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  2. Ce frumos vine fusta cu cizmele de cauciuc, minunat! <3
    Ai o tinuta foarte, foarte frumoasa, imi place la nebunie! :*

  3. Doamne, ador pozele astea!

    Ai un simt estetic desavarsit!!♥♥♥

  4. Superbe fotografii! Sarbatori fericite! :)


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