Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And they call it poppy love

Hi guys,

It's the middle of the week...I'm cold and I'm tired. The days are getting shorter, it's starting to get harder to wake up early in the morning with that brrrr feeling, and it's been pretty busy at work.  On any other day like this, I would be frustrated and annoyed, and would probably swear like crazy. But since I'm still on cloud 9, none of these things bother me...I'm still on London mood!

There are so many beautiful places in London, that you could probably see or do something new every single day for a year. Whether we're talking about a musical, an exhibition, a festival, a food market, you could definitely fill your days with great experiences. We tried to do some of these things during our stay. Beside the usual top attractions, we also visited two amazing markets: Borough and Greenwich. In Borough, we ate food we couldn't even name, and in Greenwich we bought this stunning kaleidoscope form a cool dude who was making them. I'm telling you: I could have stayed there for days! It was awesome!

I can't wait for the next London trip! I have a full list of things I want to do! Until then, though, here are some pictures in which you will easily recognize the beautiful Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, and the newest attraction, the Shard. If you get to London, don't miss the opportunity to see the breathtaking views of the city at sunset from the Shard's 72nd floor. It's quite the spectacle!



Skirt: H&M
Sweater: Zara
Tights: Gatta
Flats: Mango
Hat: Pimkie

Hays Gallery

View from the Shard
Tower Bridge: view from the Shard


  1. Foarte șic ești! Îmi plac tare mult dresurile! :)

  2. Ati avut noroc de timp frumos. Noi am fost anul trecut in martie si am innebunit de frig.
    Dar Londra este atat de frumoasa si sunt atat de multe de vizitat.


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