Monday, March 24, 2014

Warm light

Hi guys,

We've been blessed with a beautiful weather for the past 2 weeks. This is the type of weather which allows me to have the most fun with clothes, to take risks, to be playful. A few years ago, I used to be intimidated by mixing different prints or textures. As a big fan of neutrals and a major introvert, I felt it would push me out of my comfort zone.... I used to hate being the center of attention, and these bold choices screamed attention.

But lately, I've really been taking in the power of prints. I can't believe how fun they are, how much energy they supply. I have this weird personality switch where I feel I can conquer the world by simply bringing together flowers and stripes :).

So go ahead, people! Harness the power of prints. But do not get greedy! Use it wisely :)!



P.S. It seems that stripes have been this week's highlight, as many of my blogger friends rocked perfect looks starring this fun print. Check out Julie's super feminine outfitAndreea's cute print mixing and Ilda's chic, playful look.

Blazer: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: handmade by Pumpkin Design
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Bata


  1. Stripes + Floral = <3
    Perfect look, i love it!

  2. Draga mea, precum copiii, m-am uitat mai intai la fotografii, cu ochii incantati de culoare! Apoi, mi-am verificat umila-mi engleza citind gandurile tale! Nu-ti pot descrie cu cata surpriza am descoperit faptul ca m-ai mentionat in postare - realmente, reprezinta o onoare pentru mine si iti multumesc din toata inima! :D

    Revenind la tinuta ta superba...gasesc adevarata inspiratie aici! Arata uimitor dungile alb-negru cu aceasta splendida nuanta de fuchsia! Am savurat fiecare detaliu (felul in care pare desprins fluturasul colierului din printul bluzei, lacul de unghii perfect armonizat). Ma gandeam...tinuta ta are eleganta prin fiecare piesa ce o compune si spirit ludic prin culoare, prin zambet! Felicitari fotografului, stie sa te puna in valoare si, totodata, sa surprinda cu talent toata lumina si culoarea primaverii!

    O bucurie aceasta postare a ta! Iti multumesc! <3
    O calda imbratisare!

    Lavender Thoughts

    1. Întotdeauna ma bucura cuvintele tale! Multumesc!

  3. Butterflies, stripes and a bit of black and white, I mean pure <3 I must admit the vibrant print of your shirt and the delicious blazer look amazing as well. I am obsessed with those shoes, I must start looking for cute flats now that the weather is warming up and you're always an inspiration ^_^

    Lots of hugs sweety and a wonderful week!

  4. I'm loving the blazer!!! I was just thinking today that I have to get one, they're pretty amazing <3 Even though you chose to combine two different prints let me tell you, the result is just beautiful! :*

  5. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Spune-mi unde locuiesti, te rog si lasa cheia sub pres pentru ca vreau sa iti fur tot ce porti in aceste fotografii, in special sacoul!! Doamne, cata frumusete intr-o singura postare ❤ In primul rand, decorul este minunat si fotografiile sunt superbe si in al doilea rand...cum sa te imbraci atat de cute?? pentru mine, tinuta asta e perfectiune! Fusta bufanta cu dungi + camasa si sacou roz = perfect!! <3
    Si...m-ai mentionat si pe mine in text, cat de dragut!! Te pupicesc ❤

  6. And you mix prints quite amazingly Love this look, the shirt is fantastic!

  7. Such a pretty mix of floral and stripes! Love this look a lot!

  8. I love this outfit! It's sooo amazing! I adore that skirt and if it wasn't for the price a bit spicy for my budget it would have been mine :D And that blazer!! You know when you see something delicious and your mouth starts to fill with water? Well I felt my heart starting to fill up with joy and crave for such an amazing outfit!

  9. These prints were somehow made for each other! I am so glad you took this risk 'cause it looks so polished and pretty.


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!