Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let me take you far away...

Hi guys,

I can't believe it's already mid August...This summer went by way too fast!!! It happens every other summer, time is flying, but I still can't get used to the idea. I remember when I was a kid, and summer holidays seemed like forever...Those were the days! Now, I'm counting the days of the week, waiting for the weekends (or the paycheck)...and summer is over in a heartbeat...

I'm this nostalgic for a reason! A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend found out he won't be able to take a week off from work in September, which meant our plans to go to Greece with our friends were ruined! Needless to say I was on the verge of depression...Now, with no plans to hold on to, I could easily say my summer is over :(.

And as if this wasn't hard enough, I've been having some really tough and stressful weeks at work, which makes the need for an escape even stronger.

I've been thinking of  paying a short visit to my old friend, the Black Sea, next weekend. Maybe this is going to ease my pain... But c'mon, who am I fooling?!? The Black Sea is no Greece!

Having said that, I'll now leave you with more pictures from the Loire Valley, taken the day we visited Villandry. Villandry was one of my favorite castles, with its beautiful gardens of love. The gardens are divided into 4 sections: tender love, passionate love, fickle love and tragic love. It's truly magical.

That day we also visited Chateau D'Usse (last 2 photos), thought to have been the inspiration behind Charles Perrault's fairytale, The Sleeping Beauty.



Top: Koton
Skirt: Koton
Sandals: via MiniPrix
Hat&Necklace: Accesorize

Chateau de Villandry

Chateau D'Usse


  1. Wow, those photos are just beautiful! And sorry about your plans for Greece not working out :( that's disappointing! Hopefully something will work out!

  2. You look so pretty and effortless, and you have like the ideal backdrop: those gardens look beyond dreamy. I know how it feels when holiday plans fail to become reality, but I always try to brighten my mood with the second best choice there is. I'm sure the Black Sea will work some of its magic on you.


  3. Tell me about it, I can't believe it's almost fall! You look adorable! I'm sure your next plans will work out better! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  4. Gorgeous setting and look! You look stunning doll.

  5. O doamne arata ca in basme !!!!


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