Sunday, May 19, 2013

Warm summer sun

Hi guys,

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did! I had a great time yesterday, hangin' in my friends yard, playing board games and making plans for Greece this summer.

Today, driven by the beautiful weather outside, we decided to go biking in the park. I don't know about you guys, but for me, one of my memorable childhood experiences would definitely be learning to ride a bike. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a quite painful experience actually. I asked my cousin to teach me how to do it and unfortunately for me, his methods were a bit unorthodox :). He told me to get on the bike and then pushed me off a hill, thinking that this way I would get scared, start pedaling and learn how to ride the bike. Well, it's safe to say I did not peddle at all, and I ended up riding the bike straight into a fence...auch!

But this is the beauty of being a kid...after every fall, no matter how painful, I would always get up and try again, a thousand times, until I'd succeed (Oh, how I wish I had the same ambition nowadays). So I practiced and practiced until I finally learned how to ride a bike. And it felt amazing! I felt free and powerful for the first time!

Ever since I moved to Bucharest I've been thinking about buying my own bicycle. Every year I do tons of research on models and prices, but since I don't have any place to store it during the cold seasons, I had no choice but to settle for rentals... This proved to be a problem today, as the renting center was closed, so my plans were totally ruined...It was a bit frustrating at first, but after a nice walk in the park and a couple of beers, we pretty much forgot about the biking disappointment. Thank you, beer, I knew I could count on you to fix everything :)!

Have a wonderful week!



Headband: Accesorize
Bracelet: Meli Melo
Skirt: Koton
Top: Koton
Sandals: Pull&Bear



  1. Tare draguta este fusta :X

  2. Wow, ce locaţie tare pentru un shooting... Îmi place câdn găsesc interesul pentru detalii de genul acesta. Coloanele se văd superb în fotografie şi potenţează combinaţia feminină pe care o porţi. Jos pălăria în faţa prietenului. Dacă nu are deja o meserie ca fotograf cu siguranţă va avea... talent are cu carul.

  3. This is just one of those outfits where I can't pick a favorite piece! I just love everything about it! And you always have such great locations for your photos!

  4. Lovely! I really like your top and sandals!

    Can you believe I forgot how to ride a bike? And they say you never do. Well, I did and this year I will relearn! :D

  5. It was an amazing weekend, indeed. Perfect for outdoor activities.

    Love your choice of location and the print on the skirt is super cute.


  6. That is such a pretty outfit. You look extremely beautiful in the photos!


  7. You look so pretty girl!! I love your outfit!! That midi dress is pretty, and loving the wedges on you :)

  8. This outfit is gorgeous! Classy, elegant, and retro. I love everything about it, and the photography on your blog is spectacular.

  9. foarte draguta fustita! lungimea asta iti vine perfect

  10. Sunt supeeeeeerbe pozele si tinuta pe masura! Ti se potrivesc asa de bine tinutele astea feminine! Esti foarte draguta! <3


    The Lovely Darlings

  11. Wow! These photos are so, so beautiful. What a gorgeous place to be able to take photos- we haven't anything like this here in the US! Also can't believe you're going to Greece--too exciting! x

  12. Beautiful pictures! I love the skirt.


  13. Wow, sunt superbe fotografiile si decorul!!

    Si eu iubesc plimbarile cubicicleta, de la primele semne ale primaverii o scot la aer!

  14. awww superbe pozele. Ador fusta ta ;)

  15. Un look foarte delicat! Topul este de-a dreptul superb.

  16. Love your outfits! You are now officially my favourite fashion blogger! :))


  17. Toate fotografiile sunt absolut superbe... dar 7, 8 si 9 sunt geniale! Imi place detaliul de pe top si imprimeul fustei, iar expresia ta face toti banii... esti adorabila!


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!