Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guilty pleasures...

Hello guys,

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I have an uncontrollable handicap: I'm a compulsive shopper :)!

This time, it wasn't work related stress that triggered my major shopping spree over the weekend, but this damn rainy weather that is simply getting on my nerves! Still, even though I will most probably starve to death until the end on the month, I just looooove my new babies!

How do you guys deal with compulsive shopping (cause I refuse to believe that I'm the only one who has this "issue" I right?!?)?



Sandals: Musette

Spring Parka: H&M

Sweater: H&M

Shoes: Zara

Shirt: H&M

Shirt: H&M


  1. No, you're not alone! I especially love buying shoes! I only occasionally make full price impulse buys though. I'm usually good at researching to get the best price on stuff.

  2. Those tan heels - so gorgeous!

  3. Stai liniștită, gașca este mare. Și eu mă abțin cu greu. Luna mi-am pus rezoluția să nu comand nimic, să vedem dacă mă pot abține.

  4. I don't see myself as much of a shopaholic, I'd feel way too guilty to be spending large amounts of money (damn conscience) on clothes, especially when other priorities arise, but I do have moments when I cave in and simply don't think about the consequences. I love everything you bought and how lovely the photographs turned out. The shoes are a dream <3 Both pairs! ^_^


  5. I love the tan sandals!! They are great!! The shoes are a little bit to masculine for me but they look great and I can't wait to see them in your outfits. I couldn't call myself an compulsive shopper but sometimes I just love one item and I have to have it!!(This never happens for a full price item because like Nicoleta said my conscience wouldn't let me).
    Kisses Deea,
    P.S I did some shopping during the week end too:D So high 5!:*


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!