Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Seasonal favourites

Hi guys,

One of my favorite things about autumn is the fact that I spend more evenings at home, instead of going out. It might sound strange, I mean, who doesn't enjoy going out? Well, I don't necessarily like to go out; most of the times I do it because I want to see my friends. But I would much rather invite them over or go to their place, than spending hours in a crowded, nosy place, full of smoke.

During this season, the evenings at home have a certain charm. Cooking, movie marathons, board-games, you name it! There are tons of ways to enjoy our time at home, both alone and surrounded by our friends.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my husband is a great cook (lucky me!). Lately, he's been trying these awesome risotto and pasta recipes, which are just perfect for this time of the year! Yesterday, for example, he made butternut squash pasta- words can't describe how tasty it was! I think I'm going to document one of these cooking sessions, and post it, just because he has this way of combining different recipes and they turn out amazing!

How about you guys? What is your favorite way to spend an evening at home?



Sweater & shirt: Mango
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Mango
Bag: Musette


  1. LOVELY :)

  2. Yup, it is official, you are my kind of girl! ^_^ But didn't we know it already?

    I looooove to spend time at home and feel the exact same way about going out. During this time of the year, there's no place like it. I love cooking delicious meals, watching tv series and movies, I love reading, lighting scented candles, somehow it's so comforting knowing that is cold outside and so, so cozy inside.

    And I adore fall for these beautiful knits and colors as well, I mean what a beautiful outfit, love the juxtaposition of fabrics <3


  3. Eram pe cale sa spun ca subscriu intru-totul gandurilor asternute de tine "pe hartie" dar sunt nevoita sa ma opresc la partea cu sotul bucatar! Nu ma plang, as mania pe Dumnezeu, al meu sot poate incropi din te miri ce o masa, dar de-aici si pana la a-i fi pe plac sa gateasca...mai e loc! :)))
    Cum spune Saci, atat de imprevizibila e combinatia pe care ai facut-o si, totodata, fermecatoare! Imi place mult-mult!
    You're great!!! <3

    Lavender Thoughts

  4. First of all, what an amazing skirt!! I don't know why but I wouldn't have pictured you wearing something sparkly, I didn't think you like glitter but oh, how you look amazing, I love, love, love it!
    It looks amazing dressed down with the plaid shirt and that amazing sweater! <3

    Well, I don't really like going out and I have many reasons why not: there's always the problem: where to go and we spend hours deciding or worse, walking around and trying to choose a place, when you decide for a place you have never been to, you don't know what kind of people go there, how the food tastes, then there's another problem: some places are really, really pricey and their services are not that good. Well, I am very good at making excuses, I really enjoy staying at home, watching a movie, tv series or a marathon, cooking something delicious or baking a cake, experimenting with make-up, pin-ing stuff, cuddle in bed with my two loved ones <3


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!