Monday, January 23, 2017

One upon a time, on a Saturday morning (a short story)

Hi guyzzzz!

Still winter, huh? Yup! (insert sigh).

You know when you look outside your window and you think to yourself: "C'mon, how cold can it actually be?!?" Noup? Doesn't sound familiar? Are you telling me you're all normal, smart people that can actually understand what -6 degrees feel like? Oh, crap!

Anyway, let's assume you open your window and tell yourself that you're probably going to be able to endure 10 minutes in the cold, wearing just a sweater, because that's aaaaall it's gonna take, right? Only 10 minutes, only a couple of photos here and there and you're done! Easy peasy! Piece of freakin' cake! Like, c'mon, photographer husband! I promise it will only take 10 minutes! Can't you spare 10 minutes of your life for this poor little girl's happiness? Because that's aaaaall I need to be happy! Yes, I'm that shallow! And crazy! And no, I won't get sick! I'm secretly a super-human with special abilities! And there you were, thinking I was a regular person!

Let me paint you a short description of my Saturday morning.

Woke up super early, made a delicious breakfast, used the fact that I made breakfast to make my husband feel bad so that he would go outside with me for a "tiny" photo shoot, got dressed, got in the car, arrived to the Botanical Garden (wearing high heels!!!), prayed to God there was no one there to film me while I was trying to maintain my balance and then post it on Facebook, took a few pictures, took more pictures cause I was bored of the same location, cried because I was freezing, took a few more pictures because I didn't leave home for nothing..., freaked out because I wasn't feeling my toes, yelled at my husband because he had found an interesting looking tree and started to take close-ups of the icy leafs, went to see the photos and congratulated him cause they were actually pretty awesome and Instagram worthy, realized that I couldn't speak properly because my face was numb, thought it was funny because of the "I can't feel my face when I'm with you" hit song by The Weekend (and ironically it was Saturday), cried and yelled at the same time because I realized how far we were from the car, started to run (in heels, on ice) towards the exit, yelled at my husband who was still photographing trees, got to the car, turned on the heat to max, waited a few minutes to de-freeze, took the camera to check out the photos, realised it was aaaaaalll worth it!

The end!

Outfit details:
Sweater, boots & choker: Zara
Jeans: Mango


  1. Superbe pozele, superba culoarea puloverului si absolut geniale botinele!! Te pup!

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