Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Still falling for you (pun intended)

So... If you live in Bucharest, you probably realize that the photos below were taken a week ago, when winter was still somewhat a version of autumn or spring. As I write this post, winter is winter :). It snowed yesterday, and the snow quickly changed into ice, and... let the fun begin, guys (uuuhh, it rhymes)! I don't think there ever was a winter in my life when I didn't fall on the icy roads, landed on my butt and turned it a scary shade of purple. This is just how I am, I can't help it! At times, I think to myself I'd better fall on purpose once and get it over with! Just throw myself on the ground... I mean, what's the point of waiting for the inevitable to happen?!? The anticipation is killing me!

Anywayzzz, let's move forward to the outfit! This holiday season I've been aaaalll about red and its many variations. Yup! I'm a bit, fat holiday cliche. But I don't give a crap! I'm loving it! So I'm gonna continue to wear this color until it makes everybody around me's eyes bleed (insert evil laughter).

It was super sunny and warm when we took the photos (the calm before the storm, and by storm I mean the elections, but I won't go there...). I adored the location. We're always scouting for new places in Bucharest and this one was just eye candy for me!

The outfit is pretty simple, but totally my style! Turtlenecks are my go-to clothing items during winter and this one in particular is super versatile and compliments many of my skirts!

I hope you'll enjoy the photos! Thank you for the virtual visit!



Outfit details:
Turtleneck & skirt: Zara
Shoes: H&M

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