Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Into the woods

Well, hello there!

It's Christmas week! It's been super cold lately but then again of course it's cold! D'oh! It's frickin' winter people! Let's all just get through this week so we can celebrate the holidays with our dear ones :). I seem to have caught a cold, like everybody else on the planet, so I'm a bit bummed! I have soooo many things to do this week... I cannot believe it happened again this year but YES: it's Christmas week, and I still haven't bought the presents! Damn it! Why do I let this happen every year? Why, Santa? Why?

I'm a full time working, ahem, slave, so I have only a few hours in the evening to run errands. It's gonna take a Christmas miracle to help me survive this week. I guess I'll have to buy a little something for me, like a small treat, some type of reward, every time I check something off the list. Yup! That's a great idea! I'm gonna do that! And it's all gonna be fine!

Remember a few lines ago, when I was telling you I'm a bit sick? Well, just look at the wonderful pictures below, of me in a cropped sweater and high waisted  pants, in the middle of the forest, surrounded by...yes, you guessed, SNOW! Of course you would get sick, you idiot! Put a damn coat on! Oh, wait! :)

Haaaapy holidays and the biggest hug in the world!

Yours truly,


Outfit details:
Pants/Sweater: Zara
Coat: Pull&Bear
Hunter Boots
Timberland hat

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