Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nothing's gonna knock this girl down

Hi guys!

I was out of town for 3 days on a business trip and I came home to a freakin cold, winterish weather. I'm not complaining, because I actually enjoy cold weather (I'm weird like that), it's just that it was quite unexpected to be this cold :). I often ask myself why I'm so in love with Fall...

Quick change of subject...This might be brand new information (I might have mentioned it a few times, without going in depth), but I suffer from generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Like... really bad, to the point where it actually interferes with my normal life! Can I hear a: "Awwwwwww, poor fellow!!!"? Don't jugde me, I know the problem is pretty damn serious, but when you've had this kind of issues for as long as I've had them, you just begin to see them from another perspective, maybe throw in a joke from time to time. Makes everything easier, I'm telling you! There's no particular reason behind me having these problems, I'm generally a happy person, I've always been surrounded by a loving family, super cool friends, never had major deceptions, never failed badly at anything... I don't exactly know what triggered my anxiety, but I'll be damned if I don't find out and smash the crap out of it :)!

Anyways, mental issues are a big "No-No", a quite controversial subject, especially in Romania. But my give-a damn is broken, so I said to myself: the hell with it, I'm gonna share my story, bits and pieces, here and there... Hope you won't mind, I'm not trying to change the focus of the blog, or anything, I'm just trying to be more open and honest, cause I find it helpful. So this is a pretty selfish move on my part :).

Now back to Fall: Why do I love it so much? My anxiety spikes during Fall time, gloomy weather makes me dizzy and melancholic, shorter days make me cranky and unproductive... So why is it that I say it's my favorite season?

I'll tell you why:
1. Fashion: I loooove dressing up for Fall! I love layers! I love sweaters, boots, hats, scarves! And I love being able to wear them without looking like an onion! (yes, Winter, this is a reference to you!)
2. Even though my problems are bigger and more present, this only forces me to push my limits, to go beyond my anxious mind, to slow down my overthinking brain! And when I succeed to do any of those things, I'm proud of myself! And it feels Hella Good!

This being said and hoping that I didn't freak you out :), I'll leave you with some photos that we took this past weekend.

Many hugs!


Sweater, shoes: H&M
Skirt: Zara
Bumbag: Andra Oprea


  1. Lovely pics! You look cute!!!

  2. este superb puloverul, imi place la nebunie!

  3. You looks fantastic! I really like this!

  4. I love your outfit and style

    Iam featuring you on
    I am following you

  5. You look so pretty in all looks, such lovely inspiration as always!



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