Monday, October 31, 2016

Love me, feed me, never leave me

Hi guys,

First things first!

I don't usually make a fuss about Halloween, but this year I decided to go to one of those themed parties organized for people in my line of work and I had to get as close as I could to wearing a costume (as weird as it sounds from the description above, my "line of work" is actually banking. I felt the need to clarify, at a second read :) :P). So this explaines those cat ears :)). Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Halloween! If anything, I'm all for any reason of celebration, it doesn't matter if it's a national, or a borrowed holiday... I could't care less... As long as people are enjoying it, are having fun and forget about the daily chaos that's life... I say Yes to any type of celebration. It's just that I'm not much of a costume kind of person, and to be completely honest, I've always been afraid of taking this too far :)))). I'm super safe on my day to day life as far as clothes are concerned, and I think I might be in danger of wearing a super "extra" costume, just to break all the rules in my head. So that's why I usually avoid dressing up for Halloween.

The party was on Friday night, and I fell in love with the cute accesory, so I thought I would incorporate it in an outfit. Went out, shot the pictures below. On Saturday evening, my laptop went to sleep during a power outage and never woke up :|. Bummer! We took it to the "doctor's" today and we pray it makes a recovery and doesn't get us broke in the process :P. I was planning on posting these pictures on Sunday, but I couldn't because of all of the above... Today it feels a bit late for "cat ears" wearing... but the heck with everything. I didn't almost risk my life on Saturday, after a wild night out, dizzy and hungover, trying to maintain balance above water, wearing freakin' cat ears,  to let these pics die on my memory card.

So I switched to my tablet, did my best to perform a decent editing on the photos and wrote this post. The end. :)

Hope you'll enjoy the photos!

Happy day everyday and an easy and smooth week ahead!


Skirt&Sweater: H&M
Cat ears: Meli Melo
Shoes: Humanic


  1. Ce lumina superba si ce poze frumoase! <3
    Foarte mult imi place outfit-ul asta si urechiusele arata super simpatice! :*

  2. I love your outfit you look great!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal :)

  3. Inca o data: suuuuuperbe fotografii!
    Esti asa dragalasa cu urechiusele, mi-am comandat si eu unele doar ca sunt facute doar dintr-o sarmulite cu perlute, planuiesc sa le port de Craciun :))

    Imi place enorm fusta: culoarea, lungimea, materialul, tot! <



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