Monday, August 29, 2016

Holiday Blues

Hi guys,

There's no better day to go through holiday photos than on Monday... Manic Monday, after work, when you come home, open your computer and suddenly realize your life was once pretty :)). So I figured I would share some more of my memories with you and make you think about holidays, and plans, and travel, and sunny days, cause it's sure lots cheaper than therapy.

This being said, let us go further with the travel diary. We got up in the morning and arrived in Aix-en-Provence just in time for breakfast. A few croissants later, we were getting lost on the narrow streets, discovering small, fascinating squares at every pace, some more peaceful, others packed with tourists, brasseries and shops.

Casis was next on our list for the day. We had planned to take a boat to see "les Calanques", which we did! There are a few boat trip options, depending on how many "calanques" do you want to see and how much time you have in the area. When we arrived in Casis, the only available option was the 45 minutes trip which included 5 Calanques (which are some sort of inlets), so the decision was easy :P. I must say, it was a spectacular sightseeing trip: the cliffs, the small bays, the clear water, everything was beautiful and totally worth it!

Since we had gotten pretty near to Marseilles, we thought we would give it a chance, even-though it hadnt't made it to our list. When we were establishing the itinerary for the trip, we made quite the research, especially considering everything that had happened in France and throughout the world... Marseilles seemed a bit unsafe, and we just didn't want to spend our holiday looking over our shoulders.

We made the decision to pay a short visit though, but went directly to the Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral. The symbol of the city, the cathedral is located on Marseilles highest point and  was build on the foundations of an ancient fort. It offers amazing views of the sea, of the city, the port, basically everything in the area. We are big fans of sites with panoramic views, we tend to search for them in every place we visit. It's really important, especially if you have little time to spend in that particular city. We really enjoyed the experience, and the views were among the most spectacular from the entire trip.

We left Marseilles in the evening and stopped for dinner in Salon de Provence, putting an end to yet another beautiful day in France and eating the heck out of their expensive food :)).

Oh, and since I mentioned itinerary, research, sightseeing tips, budget, food, etc, I promise I'll make a post about all that, with relevant information from our trips that hopefully you guys will find useful.

Now, I'll leave you with the photos.

Many hugs and an easy and beautiful week ahead!


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