Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Drink the wild air

Hi guys,

Are you over my holiday pics? I surely hope not, cause here I am, with another post :). As I previously mentioned, I don't follow a particular order, so today I'm showing you bits and pieces of Costa Brava, Spain. I must confess: when it comes to beaches, I didn't find a place that could beat Greece yet(I've only been to Europe, so you can understand my level of comparison). I liked Croatia, and it seems like I would have liked Costa Brava just as much, hadn't it been for the massive crowds: apparently, we weren't the only ones on holiday, the entire french and spanish population was there on the beach, with us. Other than that, the views were spectacular, the water was clear and the rocks made for a pretty good snorkeling place. We would basically sleep throughout the entire day and at sunset we would go for a walk and explore the surroundings.

On this particular day, before heading to our hotel in Figueres, we stopped to Girona to have dinner. We went to what was probably the best restaurant of the entire trip: Lleva Tapas. The food was amazing, the staff were very friendly and it proved to be one of the highlights of our holiday.

Hope you'll enjoy the photos! Many hugs!


Dress: H&M


  1. Doamne, ce poze frumoase. Ai asa un stil...gogoasa e de vis, vreau si eu :D

    Te pup.

  2. Nuu, nu ne-am saturat, mai vrem :)))
    Ador sa ma uit la pozele tale, sunt minunate! <3
    Te pup!

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Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!