Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Little Red Whining Hood

Hi guys,

No sign of summer just yet, huh? Today I was caught off guard by heavy rain while I was coming home from work. I have this thing where I forget to take my umbrella on rainy days and I always seem to carry it with me the rest of the time... I'm such a dork!

Anyways, between the weddings season and taking on new responsibilities at work, I barely have time for anything... I'm so tired and cranky, and this weather simply doesn't do it for me... I try to maintain my sanity by thinking about our upcoming holidays, but August seems so far away. I am out of patience :)! I hope I'll convince some of my friends to join me on a little road trip sometimes soon. I need to recharge, to get away for a bit, to escape...

This being said, I'm leaving you with a very simple outfit. I recently rediscovered the color Red. I remember how my Mom used to love to dress me in this color when I was little, but as the time went by, it lost its place in my wardrobe. This blouse made me think about those times, and my Mom's love for Red, so I'm planning to wear it more often. Again, it is off the shoulders, but I tied a scarf around my neck for a little bit of coverage (still inside my comfort zone :P).

I hope you'll like the pictures, we tried not to focus so much on close-ups, as the backdrop was pretty amazing :).

Many hugs!


Blouse & Jeans: Mango
Flats, Bag & Scarf: Zara

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  1. good pictures.the tops and the color is suitable for you.
    Hope you will like this


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!