Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wind it up

Hi guys,

Wow, time goes by soooo fast. Easter came and went like a dream almost... And before I realized, I was back to work, yay! Even the weather rebelled this morning :)). Holidays were awesome, as always, we got to spend them with our families, and because it was super sunny and warm, we were able to go to the countryside, where everything is much more magical. We had all the food :))), we're now in a food coma. I honestly think I'm gonna explode, I'm only eating guacamole and carrots for the rest of the week, I swear, hahaha.

Anyways, now we're back to reality, gearing up for the wedding season. In only two weeks time we're going to be Godparents, and then again in another three weeks. Oh, the perks of being first to get married in the gang :)). We're super excited to be taking in the role of spiritual parents, we love our friends to bits and will do our best to set a good example for them.

Back when it was still pretty outside (seems like an eternity ago, but it was only yesterday...), we were able to shoot the outfit below. I absolutely adore the dress for several reasons, one of them being that it was a gift from my friends on my birthday. I love the style of the dress, I'm gonna wear the crap out of it this upcoming summer, it has such a light fabric, it's super comfortable and chic. I combined it with some brown boots and a fringed back to add to the boho style that I was going for. I hope you guys like the result.

Many, many warm hugs and fingers crossed that the weather gets better soon.



Dress: Oysho
Boots, Bag & Sunglasses: Mango
Necklace: Accesorize


  1. Pretty dress!
    I love the pics :)


  2. Ador tinuta ta, iar fotografiile sunt pe masura ca intotdeauna. Bun-gustul si simplitatea sunt la ele acasa aici.

    Te pup


  3. Perfect boho look, dear Madalina! The dress is so beautiful! Have a nice day!


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