Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter fashion stories

Hi guys,

Only one week left until Easter. Easter, as well as Christmas, holds a very special place in my heart because of all the beautiful childhood memories it brings. My memories are very relevant to the way I approach holidays, and I have my parents and grandparents to thank for this. The weather doesn't look that good at this moments, but hopefully, it will improve in time for my family's traditional Easter barbecue, at my grandparents house.

One of my favorite Easter-related memory is how my parents used to dress me in new clothes that I would afterwards parade at the forest, with my friends and neighbors. Nowadays this tradition isn't that special anymore...mostly because we buy new clothes all year long, but when I was a kid, this was a very fun tradition to look forward to. My parents used to take me shopping only on my birthday, when a new school year started, and on Easter...I remember this one time, when I was about 8 or 9 years old: my Mom had bought me this beautiful multi colored jacket and a pair of red stretch jeans. I could not wait to show off :). In Calinesti, my grandparents' village, every family goes to the forest on Easter Sunday, wearing their finest clothes. They literally parade on the street, and afterwards get settled on the green grass for a picnic or a barbecue. That particular year though, right when I was about to leave home with my cousins to go to the forest, all dressed up and perky, it started raining. It was pouring, and I was crying my eyes off for not having had the chance to show my new attire to the entire village... Me and my Mom still laugh when we remember that day, I can't believe how superficial I was :)).

All in all, wearing new clothes on Easter is a beautiful tradition. I later found out that it dates back centuries, as people's way to celebrate new birth. Even though it isn't that special anymore, I'm sure it will continue to exist, as people (especially women) look for every reason to shop :).

How about you guys? Do you still hold on to this tradition, or have you ever?



Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: c/o The Hearabouts giveaway


  1. Sounds like you have a ton of fun Easter memories :) I know I always looked forward to getting a new dress come Easter!

  2. Uimitor de frumoase fotografiile!
    Fusta ta pare desprinsa din acele straturi de flori, e-atat de frumoasa! Iar sandalele...iiiuuuuiii! :D
    Minunata postare, Mamalina! :)

    Referitor la Pasti si la amintirile din copilarie, imi luau si mie haine noi dar...fie nu ma interesau pe-atunci, fie nu era nimic spectaculos caci nu-mi amintesc!!! :(
    Spuneai ceva despre superficialitate; nici pomeneala! Erai doar un copil care-si dorea foarte mult ceva, a asteptat cu nerabdare si a fost dezamagit!

    Te pup cu drag!
    lavender thoughts

  3. Totul este la superlativ: fusta, colierul, combinaţia per ansamblu, decorul...
    Păstrez obiceiul de a-mi cumpăra haine noi de Paşte, e un obicei frumos, dar recunosc ca nu mai are aceeaşi valoare pentru că acum o fac mult mai des decât părinţii mei o făceau când eram mică.

  4. Wow! Atat pentru tinuta, cat si pentru locatia aleasa!

  5. Minunata fusta, parca e desprinsa din "lanul" de flori din parc <3

  6. Fusta este absolut minunata si iti vine foarte bine :x

  7. superba tinuta, pui in valoare toate piesele, bravo !

  8. Cat de mult imi plac pozele de langa flori, sunt abolsut superbe! <3 Sandalele sunt o minunatie, iar tinuta este foarte deosebita, I love it <3 :*

  9. Amazing look as always! And I love the pictures with the flowers!


  10. Very beautiful outfit ;) Amazing style:)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  11. Ce frumos! Pozele tale sunt printre cele mai frumoase din blogosfera, nu exista indoiala si tinutele la fel! Sunt foarte feminine, bine gandite, cromatica este mereu una minunata si imprimeurile delicioase! <3

  12. Doamne, esti adorabila!! Ce fusta minunata ai gasit, colierul si pastelul bluzitei se potrivesc perfect, iar sandalele sunt cireasa de pe tort, simply AMAZING!

  13. Am uitat, era si la mine obiceiul asta cu hainele noi... desi primeam haine noi si-n restul anului, cele mai dese/fixe ocazii pe an erau ca si la tine, inceperea noului an scolar, Paste si ziua de nastere :)) De Paste tineam neaparat sa primim si oua Kinder, era o regula :D :P


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