Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life lately

Hi guys,

Life has been quite hectic as of late- between getting ready for our upcoming holiday (only one week left) and planning a small redecoration of our apartment (which will happen during our vacation under the supervision of our parents- Yay for getting away from all the mess :P), we haven't even had time to breathe! All these things kept us in Bucharest for the weekend, despite it being a prolonged one (1st of May).

I have to admit I was a bit bummed about staying home for the weekend, but right now, looking out my window at this rainy day and my living room being filled with tons of stuff to pack, check-lists and all the madness, not going anywhere for the 1st of May seems like a pretty good idea :). Me and Alex are both working all through next week so we really needed these 3 days to get things in order!

All this being said, I'll leave you with the pictures below, starring a more edgy look than I usually wear. But hey, I try to step out of my comfort zone from time to time and yesterday was one of those days.

Many hugs!


Skirt: H&M
Blouse: Koton
Sandals: Musette


  1. Love this outfit!

  2. nu zic nimic de bluzita, este superba!
    dar nici fustita nu se lasa mai prejos :)

  3. Imi place mult outfitul acesta, dar fusta e cea care m-a cucerit!!!

  4. Ce mult imi place fustita...super outfit ;)

  5. Foarte frumoasa fusta, lovely look! :)

  6. Oh my, now this is a very interesting look coming from you! I loooove the skirt, it has a great design and it looks wonderful on you! :D Super lovely ;)

  7. Love how these two prints look together, so pretty! Interesting skirt, it fits you great :) You look so chic and elegant!
    Have a nice holiday!


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!