Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter blues

Hi guys,

After an entire month of damp, gloomy days, the sun finally showed its face (or teeth :P) yesterday. It was such a bright and beautiful sunny day! Such a mood-lifter, I might add! I was beginning to show signs of that seasonal depression that everybody is talking about...

We took advantage of that beautiful weather and took some pictures before meeting our friends for brunch. It was a nice change of scenery, considering the fact that last weekend we didn't even get out of the house. As much as I enjoy the coziness of my home during this season, I must admit that I missed the sun and that smell of cold winter air while taking a nice walk on a relaxing weekend day.

I wish you all a wonderful week!



Skirt & Shoes: Zara
Shirt: Mango
Hat & Necklace: Accesorize


  1. Nu-ti scriu des, dar blogul tau este unul din preferatele mele. Ma inspira pentru ca gusturile mele vestimentare se potrivesc cu ale tale.

  2. I haven't seen the sun since...forever! It's so annoying.
    I am glad you got glimpse of it :)
    And you look so lovely in this outfit, the skirt is very cute.

  3. draga mea, ma bucur ca te-am cunoscut! te pup, very nice stylish outfit!


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