Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday excitement

Counting down the days until Christmas? Join the club :)! There are only 12 days left! Sometimes I ask myself why do I still get incredibly excited about Christmas? Then I remember: it's because it allows me to revert to being a kid! Every year I spend Christmas with my family, back in my hometown. And with every year, comes the same story: I literately eat the Christmas spirit (which in my family translates into a 5 meals-a-day menu filled with pork steak, corn bread, apple pie), every Christmas song I hear makes me cry (?!?), I make lists and pray that my parents/bf will respond to my ridiculous demands, I watch my favorite movie (which I've seen at least a 100 times), and it's OK, because it is my Christmas "tradition".  Are these reasons enough to love Christmas? I believe they are :D!

On a different note, next week will be the last one spent in Iasi. This past weekend I went home to see my boyfriend, and tomorrow he will be returning the visit :). I really hope that I will be able to visit Iasi on this occasion, because all I did since I got here was to go to work, to the gym and to the mall (hey, I had to do something to calm my home sickness, and what better way than shopping?)



Skirt: Zara
Sweater: H&M
Boots: Promod
Necklace: Accesorize
Coat: Mango


  1. Fotografiile pe care le faceti voi doi (tu si iubitul tau) sunt uimitor de frumoase, intotdeauna gandesc asta!
    Tu ai un deosebit simt estetic si un simt al culorii...mi-as dori sa am si eu asa! :)

    Te pup, Mamalina!
    Lavender Thoughts

  2. De fiecare data ma uit cu admiratiile la fotografiile tale, imi plac atat de mult!!

    Iar tu esti tare frumoasa si gingasa, ti se potrivesc de minune abordarile feminine!

    Te imbratisez cu drag si iti doresc sa ajugi cu bine acasa! Pupici

  3. Ce fotografii minunate, mereu imi spun ca arata ca niste tablouri, superb! Sunt foarte curioasa unde le faceti, poate o sa ne spui. Te pup!

    Pink Wish Blog
    Pink Wish Facebook

    1. Multumesc mult, Julie! Nu o sa iti vina sa crezi, dar pe cele mai multe le facem in campusul de la Politehnica :). Te pup!

  4. ce frumoasa esti!

  5. Ce mult imi place combinatia de culori!! Ador ghetutele!

  6. am vrut sa spun acelasi lucru ca si Diana:)) sunt superbe culorile alese de tine!


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