Monday, November 11, 2013

We are Golden!

The star of this week's photo-shoot is definitely my amazing forest, my childhood forest, near my grandparents' village. For me, there was always something mysterious and exciting about this forest. It was the central point of all kind of surreal stories told during summer bonfires and holds a really special place in my heart because of all the wonderful childhood memories it brings!

I remember a particular story about an aircraft that crashed into the forest in the 1940's. My Grandpa once showed me the exact spot of the crash. I told my friends about it and they immediately came up with all kind of ghostly stories. I still get chills when I think about it :P. Oh, sweet innocent childhood with your naivety, your beautiful emotions.I miss this whole faith in the supernatural, I miss the adventure and the thrill of discovering new things. I miss the times when life was so simple, and the only thing I'd care about is how long will I play or how much sweets I'm gonna eat. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, no matter what people say! It's like the older I get, the better my childhood becomes!

How about you guys?

What do you miss the most about your childhood?



Sweater: Koton
Skirt: H&M
Boots: Mango
NecKlace: Promod


  1. Extraordinar de inspirat titlul postarii; fotografiile sunt spectaculoase, nu ma satur sa le privesc, imi transmit stari pozitive, ma relaxeaza, ma fac sa visez! E o fotografie in care e surprinsa doar padurea - as ramane acolo!:)

    Puloverul tau e deosebit: culoare, linie simpla, detalii care ii dau personalitate!

    M-ai emotionat cu cele scrise, cu gandurile despre copilarie, cu perspectiva din care o privesti!
    Stii ca ma si tem sa caut raspuns la intrebarea ta?! Dar voi intra in hora: imi lipsesc mult de tot bunicii, imi lipsesc simplitatea si firescul jocurilor, imi lipseste acea stare data de faptul ca nimic nu te doare!

    Te imbratisez, Mamalina!
    Lavender Thoughts

    1. Iti multumesc pentru cuvintele frumoase, Ilda!

  2. You look stunning! That sweater is beautiful and it looks great with the color of the skirt.

  3. I've always been fascinated with forests and that mysterious aura you mentioned. And I love the editing of the photos, it really fits the story :) .

    I always get nostalgic when I think of childhood, I miss a lot of things and that feeling is particularly strong around holiday season.

    Lovely post!


  4. You just killed me with these photos! They look indeed so mysterious, nostalgic, bittersweet...amazing!
    I get the chills when I think of such places, woods in November, cold sunsets and that silence.. so thrilling.

  5. Minunat detaliul la bluziță! Îmi place la nebunie stilul tău!

  6. Ce-mi place bluzita! Iar pozele sunt superbe!

  7. I love the layering on this outfit, so cozy! also, the shoulder detail on your sweater is incredible!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  8. the forest is so lovely, and your sweater is just the right color for it! love the roses details.

  9. This is the perfect fall look and these booties are amazing!

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