Sunday, March 26, 2017

Morocco Travel Diary- Chefchaouen, the blue pearl

Oh, hi guys!

It's me again! :)

After a beautiful and sunny Spring week, the weekend brought upon gloomy weather and rain, so I thought I'd share my most colorful holiday pics to compensate for the weather outside.

Today, it's Chefchaouen's turn to be the star! I cannot even begin to describe that place... I just hope I will do it justice with the way I tried to capture its beauty. Chefchaouen was not even on our itinerary when we first started planning our trip to Morocco. We wanted to see the the big cities, it never even crossed our minds that we'd end up giving up on visiting Casablanca to go to Chefchaouen. But as we started collecting feedback from friends who had previously been to Morocco, and after seeing a few pictures on the internet of this amazing place, Chefchaouen moved to the top of our "must see" list.

We had almost a full day of visiting the blue town. We left Fes in the morning, right after breakfast, and after a 4 hour drive we finally got there. Parked our car and went to the old town area. After grabbing some lunch, we went ahead and wandered the narrow streets, mesmerized by the vivid blue walls that are everywhere in the medina. No wonder they call it the Blue Pearl! Everywhere you look, you get struck by beauty! People are super friendly, there are a lot of small shops where you can buy souvenirs from (prices are a lot lower that in the big markets). And those blue walls, man! That color gives you such a peaceful feeling... everything was so different from the agitation we found in Fes, not to mention Marrakech, nobody seemed to be in a hurry, everyone was super chill and relaxed (both tourist and locals). Afterall, the area IS famous for its hashish so all that laid-back, no-fucks-given vibe of the small town might have something to do with that. I'll have what there're having, you know what I mean? :))) But anywayzzz (insert stupid grin), that blue painted medina can cure any problem. I've done a bit of research and found out that Jews started painting the walls blue sometime in the 30's because it symbolized heaven and sky, then everybody started to get into that color so now the entire old area is vibrant blue. It seems to also keep the mosquitoes away, so the advantages keep on coming.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the enormous number of cats that we encountered during our walks (even the cats were relaxed, and I'm not even kidding- what's with that place?!??). I loved how they gave life to those narrow streets and beautifully decorated doors.

I'm going to go ahead and leave you with the pictures!

Many, many hugs and have a beautiful Sunday!



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Jeans/Shirt: H&M
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  1. Superbe pozele!!! Iar tinuta ta este perfecta! Te pup!

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  4. It was a wonderful trip! I sensed very safe with Abdullah as the guide and he was very informational. I felt like I got a great indication of the local culture all during Morocco, and it was just long enough that I didn't sense hasty or that we hung around a city for too long. I would absolutely recommend this trip to friends/family!

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