Monday, March 28, 2016

I was made for sunny days

Hi guys,

I've just about had it with the moody weather. I'm a Spring child, so it goes without saying that it is my favorite season. But for the past two weeks or so I've had a rough time maintaining my feelings towards it. And as if the gloomy, rainy weather wasn't enough, I've also been having some killer days at work... Oh, well... Let's just say there were some sleep-eat-work-repeat few weeks for me.

And whilst my work situation doesn't show signs of improvement, at least the weather has gotten a lot nicer these past days. This helped with my mood and gave me a bit of energy to get through another week.

In order to celebrate the sunny Sunday, I wore this beautiful dusty pink lace dress that I absolutely adore. It is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I promised I would allow myself to experiment a lot more this year. I hope you guys will enjoy the photos and the outfit.

Have an amazing, sunny week!

Lots of love,


Dress: H&M
Coat: Zara
Shoes: Sepala by Mihaela Glavan (bridal)


  1. Very pretty!

  2. Ce poze superbe!
    Imi place mult rochia, iti vine perfect si te potrivesti cu peisajul de minune! <3

  3. Oh, you pretty lady!

    I totally understand you, I am so tired of the moody weather, I want a Spring like those you read about, filled with sunny days, blossomed trees and no rain, nor snow for that matter :D It seems that now we're on the right path, hopefully the weather will stay like this! <3

    Talking about your outfit, what more can I say? It's perfect, the dress is absolutely amazing and I would love to have it in my wardrobe, the shoes are the perfect touch of glam and the blazer completes the elegant, spring-ish look.

    Also, I love the photos!! Good job again, Alex!

    Kisses and hugs, sweet lady! <3

  4. Awwww, thank you so, so much! Big hugs!


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