Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Are you ready, boots?

Hi guys,

Last weekend we escaped the city and went to the seaside to spend a couple of days with friends and family. The weather was perfect, the sea was calm and beyond beautiful. But the best part was that most of my friends were there to share these moments. Yup, we actually did it: we succeeded to plan this little trip so that everybody could come. There were 12 of us on the beach, reading, joking, planning, gossiping, playing in the water, flying the kites, making memories. It was such a beautiful image. We haven't been able to take the whole gang anywhere since probably high school… Well, except weddings, of course. Actually, fun fact: it was during one of our friends’ wedding, back in July, that we decided to organize this get-together at the seaside :).

We spent two wonderful days in Mamaia and decided to leave for Bucharest on Monday morning and go straight to work (that was a pretty bold move :P). We wanted to avoid all the traffic on the highway, since it seemed that the whole country had been at the seaside that weekend. Before leaving, we went to the beach to take some photos at sunrise, and the light was just amazing! We’ve been wanting to do a photoshoot like this one for so long, but our day-to-day life is so hectic that we just can’t get ourselves to wake up so early in the morning…

Now, moving on to the story of the little dog that you’re about to see in the photos! On Saturday evening we were chillin’ at this cozy terrace on the beach, drinking a beer when this cute ball of fur came running to our table. We found out he “belonged” to the owners, otherwise I’m pretty sure one of us would have taken him home, because he was too stinkin’ cute. We were allowed to play with him, though. On Monday morning, there he was again :). I couldn’t resist that face, so I had to let him participate in the photoshoot. After all, we just happened to be quite color coordinated :).

I hope you guys like the photos. I for one absolutely love them.

Many hugs and a beautiful week ahead, despite the changing weather!


Dress & Hat: Zara
Boots: Mango

Outtakes :))


  1. This is one amazing photo shoot!!!
    The outfit is pure bohemian perfection, the scenery is beyond beautiful, the light is so dreamy and the puppy is the cherry on top! So gorgeous and adorable!! I would've been tempted to take him home too but I already have a piece of heaven at home <3

    So nice to have such a big group and to be able to go with them and have fun! I don't really like to go with so many people somewhere but I admire others and I think it's a beautiful thing to do! <3

    Lots of kisses and hugs, pretty, pretty lady!

    1. Thank you sooo much, Julie! OMG, I fell in love with that puppy! He was sooo playful and cute! Thank you for stopping by my little virtual home :). :*

  2. Stii cat de tare m-am bucurat citind textul?! Dupa care... fotografiile au venit sa desavarseasca sentimentul, sa-l aduca la plenitudine! :)
    Fiecare dintre ele m-a facut sa ma gandesc la imaginile din reviste, la cele inspirationale de pe Pinterest - un shooting pe cinste a fost acesta! Tu esti ceea ce se cheama a natural beauty (rarissim, in zilele noastre), fotograful e extrem de talentat, faceti o echipa de milioane! Jos palaria, Mamalina!
    And keep up the excellent work! Keep on smiling! :)
    Hugs and kisses!
    Lavender Thoughts

    1. Multumesc atat de mult pentru cuvintele tale, draga mea! I'm humbled! Ma bucura enorm aprecierile tale! Te imbratisez cu drag!

  3. Okay, so I'm not a dog person - but oh my WORD that dog!!!! SO CUTE. Love these photos.

  4. Vai cat de frumoasa este rochia ta, imi place la nebunie! Am si eu ceva asemanator! Si pozele sunt atat de frumoase, iar catelusul este adorabil!!! :* :*

  5. This is perfect look for hanging around with friends. Love your boho dress and the location- such a beautiful place! You always look so happy and pretty :) Glad you're having fun! And that puppy- so, so cute <3
    Have a great weekend, Mamalina! :*


Thank you all for your sweet comments! They mean the world! Hugs!