Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dream a little dream...

Bonjour, mes cheries!

I came back from France on Thursday and I'm still adjusting to my old life. Unpacking, doing laundry, crying my eyes out because my holiday is know, the usual "back to reality" check list :)). So I've been pretty busy the last 3 days.

Today I finally took some time to browse through the 5000-something photos from our trip (!!!???). I'll start by sharing some photos from my cousins' fairy-tale wedding at the Chateau des Ducs des Joyeuse in Couiza (south of France). This was actually how my holiday began. It was the most amazing wedding I've ever attended, in a dreamy location. The bride and groom were stunningly beautiful and every detail of the wedding and the reception was pure perfection (the decorations, the church, the flowers, the music, the food).

More about France and the wedding (including the dress I wore to the reception), on a later post. Until then, I wish you all an amazing Sunday.

A bientot,


Dress: Mango
Sandals: Musette
Clutch: Accesorise
Necklace: Mango


  1. Wow, you look beautiful! At that location, I can imagine it was totally a fairy tale wedding!! Love the color of your dress too. -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  2. such an amazing dress and beautiful photos :)

  3. Beautiful photos! And I just LOVE that dress on you!

  4. So pretty! The dress is beautiful! :D

    xx, Tagg

  5. Love that dress! I wanted to buy it for a wedding too but it didn't fit me well:(. In deed in such an amazing location I think everything is dreamy. You looked lovely!! I am waiting for the holiday pics:D
    Kisses Deea,
    The Lovely Darlings

  6. I am still mesmerized by this superb location, by the whole idea of a chateau wedding, it all sounds so dreamy :) You look beyond gorgeous and I can easily read the happiness on your face. Can't wait for the rest of the pictures <3


  7. Wow, cât de spectaculoasă este rochia. Te prinde de minune.
    Îmi plac detaliile surprinse la nuntă.

    Abia aștept să citesc despre Franța.

  8. esti superba! imi place mult rochia

  9. Am recunoscut rochia de la Mango, a purtat-o și o colegă la bal. Parcă mai erau pe negru și pe galben. Eu nu aș fi pus totuși nimic la gât, mi se pare că i-ai luat din prețiozitate... Îmi plac și sandalele, sunt comode?

    Numai bine!

  10. I completely understand your feelings about your holiday being over, and I sympathize. However, the wedding looks absolutely lovely and you look like a dream in that dress! The color is beautiful and looks stunning on you, and I love those shoes.

  11. Darling, you look splendid! I love the dress and the place looks extraordinary! :D I am sure it was a fantastic wedding ;)

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