Monday, June 10, 2013

Manic Monday

Hi guys,

Hope you guys had a decent Monday :)).

I woke up today with this positive feeling and this urge to get to work ...Yeah, right! My urge was so big that I actually turned my alarm off, and woke up half an hour later. Puffy face: checked! Clothes that I'd randomly pull out of the closet : checked! It seemed like the recipe for a perfect day...

I finally got to the tram station. The first tram reached the bus stop. Although it was extremely crowded, I tried to get on. Couldn't! I thought to myself: "If at first you don't succeed...". So I tried again with the second tram...Failure! There were so many people inside one tiny tram, that I seriously felt like taking a photo and send it to those Guinness World Records dudes...

But, since good things come to those who wait, I finally got on the third tram. Now I was officially going to be late for work...Bummer!

By now, you might think this is a sad story, but it actually isn't. I got to work, all upset and frustrated over my public transportation adventure and guess what brightened my day?!? A text message from my 2 co-workers, who enjoy the comfort of their personal car while coming to work every day, saying they were going to be late as they were caught in this crazy traffic jam...Mu ha ha ha! I gently laid back in my chair, put my feet on the desk, relaxed, smelled the fresh coffee in my cup and whispered..."It was all worth it, after all!"

In case you didn't notice, this post was meant to be an ode to public transport. I am grateful it brought me to work a lot earlier than my co-workers. And I am also forever grateful to the packed trams, as there is no space for ticket inspectors to get on. Double win!

I wish you all a perfect week!



Top: Koton
Skirt: Depot 96
Clutch: Accesorize
Sandals: Mango


  1. I adore the colors of this outfit together, plus the daintiness that always accompanies your looks, you look beautiful!

    And God, I used to hate the mornings when I had to take the bus to get to work. Between them being so overcrowded and having people starring at me for actually trying to get on the bus, like I was some sort of intruder, stealing off their space ... the feeling was incomparable ^^ Suffice to say I don't miss it!

    Have a happy rest of the week!

  2. These photos are so pretty! I absolutely love the way the light is hitting your face! You look so pretty and that skirt is fabulous! And I agree, I really dislike public transit during rush hour! xo

  3. Beautiful photos and outfit! Your morning sounds like mine near the end of the school year--I just keep turning my alarm off and getting up later and later...

  4. Ce sedinta foto superba! Imi place tinuta ta!♥

  5. nice blog!

  6. OH wow, your pictures are awesome as well as your outfit! I am especially in love with your top and your skirt! What a perfect combination!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  7. I so love that clutch!! I get what you mean with the tax collectors and such..but still, I got too fines on the same tram in three years!! Incredible..

  8. I meant "two fines" ...sorry :))

  9. I love the shape and silhouette of this outfit - the skirt flows so nicely. cute shoes too!

  10. Acesta este practic unul din "avantajele" de a locui în capitală, aşa-i? Timp irosit cu blocajele din trafic. Cred că acesta este unul din motivele pentru care m-aş gândi de două ori înainte să mă mut în Bucureşti.

    1. Da...bine zici! Si eu fug acasa (aka Alexandria), cat de des pot pentru o gura de aer curat si putina liniste!

  11. Arati adorabil in outfitul asta, imi place la nebunie fusta, are o forma perfecta.

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  12. Tinuta asta este atat de perfecta, ador topul si lungimea fustei atat de mult! De decor ce sa mai zic? Totul este incredibil!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary x

  13. wow I absolutely love your skirt, it has the perfect cut!!

    Have a nice weekend!
    Drawing Dreaming

  14. Love the shape and length of the skirt! Looks amazing! I like that you always choose beautiful places for the shootings! You look great! Your morning is the perfect example of things turning around and from bad the looked pretty good!
    The Lovely Darlings

  15. Fusta , plicul si ceasul sunt absolut superbe. Intrega tinuta e asa girlish si cute :D Esti foarte frumoasa!! Un weekend minunat!

  16. Beautiful photos!! lovely setting.


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