Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bows and Polka Dots


I'm a bit short of words today! Last night we finally changed the clock for Daylight Saving Time! Hopefully this will be a brutal kick in old winter's butt :)!

I guess I didn't quite get used to the change yet, everything is very confusing to me...My smart devices (computer and mobile phone) display the correct hour, whilst the other clocks in my house still live in the past :)) (cause I was too lazy to even turn the damn clocks).

I can only hope I'll be able to get up on time tomorrow morning. I would hate to be late for work (yeah right :P)!

So, dear Spring, no more excuses! Just come already... what am I supposed to do with all this daylight :)!

Have a lovely week!



Dress (worn as skirt): Nissa
Sweater: Koton
Tights: Calzedonia
Shoes: Musette
Purse: Meli Melo (old)
Necklace: Meli Melo


  1. Imi place ca pe langa fundita care era pe bluza ai adaugat si lantisorul:)

  2. AAAAhhh, so so cute! I love the skirt, the polka dots naturally! :D And the bag is a treasure! O.O

  3. superba tinuta! bluza e preferata mea :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this outfit. So classy and elegant. Love the polka dots!

  5. Such a pretty outfit! I love the color--and the necklace is pretty too!

  6. You look so stunning! I love the black and brown and the polka dots! I really love your style and I am now following you on bloglovin! Follow me back if you like my style too!


  7. Vaaaaaaaaai cat de tare e tinuta asta <3 Arata impecabil, totul e asa bine pus la punct :D great job xx

  8. I love all the polka dots :)

  9. This is such a cute outfit. Anyone who knows us will tell you that we are absolutely obsessed with polka dots and bows at the moment. We love that detailing on the shoulders of the sweater too. Great post hun!

  10. wait... it was daylight savings time?! haha i didn't even notice! ok i really need to get it together. anyways, on a more sartorial note, i'm loving the polka dot play here. it's so 50's but modern- and i LOVE the shape of that skirt. those kind are my favorite :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  11. Adorable skirt, honey! And I like your necklace too! But as for the daylight savings time - it's killing me!! I've been so sleepy for the last two days, I don't know what I'm going to do.:D

  12. Wonderful look, my dear!



    ps.Check out my lates post about the looks I like most on STARPIQ

  13. cute outfit! I really love the skirt!

  14. You look great, honey! I love the outfit! It's stylish and elegant with a touch of retro in my opinion!
    Kisses Deea,

  15. Combinația este superbă, felicitări fotografului pentru că știe să pună modelul în valoare.

  16. oh dear, you are so lovely
    i'm your newest follower, hope you'll do same :D


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