Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A pocketful of sunshine


It's so sad to see that the days are getting shorter, the leaves on trees are slowly turning yellow...I don't think I'm ready for cold weather just yet :(!

And to be honest, as mush as I love Bucharest, I can't help but saying it is not the best place to enjoy Autumn rains.

Thank God for Corfu related blog posts giving me the chance to talk about swimsuits and beachwear...This makes the transition from summer to rainy autumn a lot smoother.

On one of my many walks on the beach in Corfu, I was wearing this asymmetric Blanco dress. The tribal print was perfect for the sauvage look I was going for. What I love the most about this dress, besides its tribal print, is the fact that  it has pockets :D. I love dresses or skirts with pockets!

Hope you guys like it! I wish you a smooth transition to autumn also!



Dress: Blanco

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